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Global Incorporation

Hong Kong • Great China • B.V.I. • Cayman Islands • Marshall Islands • Seychelles • Belize • Singapore

Keylord provides efficient and reliable incorporation for your global company set-up, we provide all round administration support to ensure continuity in your business activities worldwide. We offer practical solutions in accordance with local business regulations and protocols, from the preparation of all required documentation to liaison with authorities in different jurisdictions, to comply with the compliance requirements.


There are 3 types of Hong Kong Company Registrations: 1. Private Limited Company (limited by shares), 2. Unlimited Company ( Sole proprietorship / Partnership) and 3. Representative Office.

(i) Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company (“Ltd”) is an independent legal entity with the nature of limited liability and right to apply for tax exemption. Ltd separate the role and duty of “the Company Owner” and “the Company”, it makes the company can be long lasting in the Companies Registry and no affect by the changes of company owner. Nowadays, more than 2 millions company have registered in the Hong Kong Companies Registry, there are the good leads to make Hong Kong become the first choice of investment for the businessman around the world.

We have incorporating services of tailor made and acquisition to obtain a company.

To set up a whole new company, you can specify your preferred company name and tailor make the corporate structure. A company may be registered with either a Chinese name or be registered with an English name only, or register in both an English name and a Chinese name. The word of “Limited” must have to appear at the end of the name.

For case of acquisition of a ready-made company (shelf company), we will provide a list of unoccupied shelf company names for client’s selection. As the company is existing, the main advantage of purchasing shelf companies is the short processing time. Once the statutory documents of company transfer are well singed, Keylord can settle the acquisition at the same day.

In addition, we can provide same day incorporation to our client who are qualified as the company member and fulfill the requirements of CR. Keylord has authorized to be the electronic filing service provider, we can obtain the Certificate of Incorporation for our clients in 24 hours.

Minimum Requirements of Forming a Hong Kong Limited Company

  • 1 Personal Director (age over 18 and no residential director required)
  • 1 Shareholder (individual / corporate shareholder are acceptable)
  • 1 Company Secretary (we can be your company secretary as complimentary services)
  • Local Registered Office Address (we can provide the address with mail forwarding services)

Processing Time of Incorporation

  • 1. Normal Incorporation: It will be approximate 7 workings day upon well receipt of the signed documents.
  • 2. Acquisition of Shelf Companies: It generally can be available on next working work after receiving all signed documents.
  • 3. Immediate Incorporation: This is the new application for incorporating HK company, we can provide the tailor made company upon client’s request in 1 day, please click here for more information.

(ii) Unlimited Company (Sole Proprietorship / Partnership)

All nationalities with Hong Kong Identity Card are eligible to form a sole proprietorship or partner up with a HK resident to form a partnership in kind of unlimited company. As its low maintenance cost and affordable annual government fees, this kind of entity is suitable for a small size business and start-up for personal business. However, as the unlimited personal liability, one of the characteristics of sole proprietorship and partnership, meaning if the company incurs debts or financial issues, there is no protection for the owner’s personal assets.

(iii) Registration of Representative Office

For those foreign company whom just want to set up a contact point without operational activities, with the purpose mainly aim to engage in business liaison in the selected country, setting up a Representative Office would be the a good solution. In general, a representative office can be set up before an incorporation of limited company, as the first step to enter local market and test the business environment in Hong Kong.

At Keylord, our full-fledged team can help you establish all types of companies in HK, whether it is limited company, a sole proprietorship or partnership and Representative Office by handling the whole application for you.


China has become one of the most attractive and dynamic markets in the world. In recent years, China has continuously opened the industries of finance, service and trade. It significantly attracted the investments coming from overseas.

In China, all enterprises are required to contribute certain amount of social insurances and housing provident funds for their employees monthly, in order to secure social welfare. In view of different living standards among cities, the accrual proportions in calculation vary from one city to another.

Base on the different requirements of company incorporation and compliance in each province region of China, we partner with the local professional services provider to provide establishment of following business entities:

  • Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)
  • Representative Office (RO)
  • Equity Joint Venture (EJV)
  • Cooperative Joint Venture (CJV)

Offshore Company Incorporation

Offshore companies are increasingly demanded for a variety function of commerce, trading, asset protection, estate planning, tax efficiency and private confidentiality. In addition of Hong Kong Company, we provide different offshore incorporation mainly of the following jurisdictions:

  • British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Cayman Islands
  • Marshall Islands
  • Seychelles
  • Samoa
  • Belize
  • Singapore

With the special feature of Tax Free System, Minimal Compliance Requirements, Strict Confidentiality, it makes offshore companies of BVI, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, Samoa, Belize and Singapore, being the most popular offshore entities. Our Comparison chart for those jurisdictions are listed for easy reference, if any enquiries, please click here to contact us.