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Corporate Services

Our Services Include:

A.  Company Secretarial Service
B.  Corporate Bank Account Opening Service
C. Registered Office Address and Mail Forwarding
D.  Application for Working Visa
E.  Nominee Director and Shareholders Services
F.   Legalization of the Corporate Documents

After company incorporated, the ongoing corporate maintenance service provider is one of the important role of the company development. As such, Keylord has launched the following secretarial services with very competitive services fee to provide our clients with the relevant supporting services and enable them to reduce operating costs and devote resources for market expansion.


A. Company Secretarial Services

Companies Registry - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionBrand Hong Kong

Under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong). All limited company incorporated in Hong Kong have to appoint a Company Secretary to perform the legal liability to comply with the requirement of Companies Ordinance. Company Secretary must be a local permanent resident or a legal entity registered in Hong Kong.

Keylord can act as the Hong Kong Company Secretary and provide the following services to ensure the clients are satisfied with the relevant statutory ordinances.

  • Preparing and filing the Annual Statutory Documents
  • Preparing the renewal application for Business Registration Certificate
  • Maintain and monitor the company’s statutory records are all up-to-date
  • Preparing and filing the statutory documents in Change of Directors and Change of Registered Office Address.
  • Arranging and preparing the relevant documents of the meetings of Directors and Shareholders
  • Handling Deregistering of the company and suspending applications for activities

As the Company Secretarial Services covering a wide scope of items, should you have any enquire, please click here to contact us for more information.


B. Corporate Bank Account Opening Service

A corporate bank account is necessary for all enterprises in doing business. Keylord has established a strong commercial relationship with Hong Kong’s international banks and courteously provide bank account opening service in Hong Kong. We will liaison with the bank to arrange the interview with our client and we will prepare the full set certified documents for bank account opening.

We understand clients may need more assistance when in their first visit of Hong Kong, Keylord’s people are always friendly and helpful to accompany clients to deal with bank issues.


C. Registered Office Address and Mail Forwarding

All Hong Kong registered companies must have to provide a local commercial address to the Companies Registry as the Registered Office Address (“RO”). The main purpose of the “RO” is acting as the bridge of correspondence in between the company and HK Government.

Keylord will provide the “RO” to the clients from overseas and even local client whom want to have a magnificent address for their company. We not only provide the address, but also extend our RO services with mail forwarding service without any extra cost.

We will inform our clients when receiving letters to the company and will forward the mail according to the client’s instructions. The common way to handle the letters are by email, postage or fax.


D. Application for Working Visa

Gain in the extensive experience from handling of the application of the ?apital Investment Entrant Scheme??had been suspended with effect from 15 January 2015, certain of Keylord people has trained to be capable in applying for working visa. We are able to find out the most suitable solutions for successful applications and assist the applicants in the preparation of relevant supporting documents.


E. Nominee Director and Shareholders Services

The Public can conduct company searches at the Companies Registry’s Public Search Centre or Cyber Search Centre. Under company searches, all limited company’s directors and shareholders information are able to deliver to the public.

Due to business development or other commercial considerations, most enterprise are unwilling to disclose the personal information of the main people of the entity. To secure our client to keep the privacy confidential, Keylord can provide nominee services in both of director and shareholder with the following characteristics:

  • According to the Stamp Duty Ordinance (Cap. 117), we request signing of the Nominee Agreements between the parties. We will arrange the signed agreements to be paid of the chargeable instrument and be duly stamped by the Inland Revenue Department. The function of the stamped document is to protect the beneficial owner’s rights to company’s asset.
  • The beneficial owner can dismiss the nominee shareholder and director in written at any time
  • Without a written authorization of the beneficial owner, nominee should not sign any commercial contract on behalf of the company
  • Nominee is not liable to commercial activities of the company

F. Legalization of Corporate Documents

We have our in-house Notary Public to arrange the documents certified and notarized.